Unani Herbal Medicine

The Unani herbal systems are basically abased on Hippocrates' Humoral Theory. This assumes the presence of four humours in the body. According to Unani philosophy the health and illness of a person depends upon the balance of these humours in the body. They are Balgham (Phlegm), Dam (Blood), Safra (Yellow bile), Sauda (Black bile) remain in equilibrium. Every individual at birth is awarded with a unique character and this is determined by the presence of all the four humors in different proportions in the body. This type of alternative medicine basically used to maintain balance and equilibrium in humors. Therefore the Hakim adopts different methods to bring back all the four temperaments in equilibrium so as to restore the health of a person.


  • Modern research in unani herbal medicine
  • Unani or Arabic medicinal herbs
  • Unani medicinal therapy

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